Engaging your audience on social media platforms is a great way to build a community of fans for your brand.

Facebook has over 1.04 billion daily users and 40% of small business in the US– Facebook is a major piece of social media marketing for most of the companies.  For a span of time, a lot of people notice the success of Facebook-based-promotions of businesses and were able to get-in-touch with the audience easily. More importantly, they were able to post ads for free.

Luckily, there are still more ways to reach your audience and boost your Facebook engagement, despite of the changes on the app itself.  

Here are some tactics to boost your Facebook engagement:

  1.   Post the right things on the right time.

Organic reach on social media platforms have been reduced, but it’s not totally gone. One of the reasons why Facebook changed the display content of the new feed is due to the flourished amount of ads being published daily. Competition is made on this platform when brands and people started joining Facebook with numerous posts.

Even though most people checked their Facebook account at day, night time is still the best time to post because it is when most engagements took place.  Based on a study, the best time to post as ad is when the engagement is in its highest and not on the number of active users.

  1.   Post short, precise and accurate.

People nowadays don’t have ample time to read a very-very long text content. A study shows that Facebook post having 0-50 characters long have the most engagement. The more characters you add on a certain post, the less engagement you will have.

Try posing short, precise and accurate post but sounds sweet to your readers.

  1.   Don’t stop sharing your contents.

You likely have timeless content that continues to perform day after day, week after week or even month after month. It’s an evergreen content to share again. If you want people to get hooked of your post, you need to continuously share the contents they want to see.

Oftentimes, business assumes because they’re in a certain industry, and all the content are for sure related to the field. But sometimes, people get tired of seeing post over and over again, for instance—you’re engage on a dress company don’t stick on posting only your products instead post something new that could enchant them.

To balance things out, you must post new trends or ideas or tips that’s not necessarily about dresses but also isn’t so unrelated that seems out of place.

  1.      Create blog/ blogs specifically intended for a single social media platform.

Blogs and articles are very useful in any social media platforms. Although photos get the most engagement on Facebook, links also have more reach. It would be a better choice to make your company blog/ article specifically intended for Facebook.

But at all depends on the kind of community engagement you’re hoping to foster.

  1.   Respond to your audience in a conversational manner

Social media itself is social, socially participating on websites and applications and even in social networking.

In having a conversation with people, use their first name on addressing your response because it would make them feel appreciated—not to mention that people loved to be acknowledged.

Thus this means you should write your Facebook post in a way that sounds human. And you must communicate with them just like you’re having a normal conversation and use first-person voice like I and me.

In addition, in order to engage consumers in an effective manner they need to relate on your brand.

  1.   The use of Emoticons and GIFs.

Emoticons & GIF shows a certain element of playfulness that provides your brand a bit of pleasing personality. In fact, statistics shows that the use of emoticons boost the engagement of your posts.

Each emoticon and GIF you use shows your current emotions. It’ll really boost your engagement because your consumers will feel like they’re talking to real persons. And it comes across positively with your audience.

  1.  Use real time photos on your Facebook page

On Facebook, your post photographs are the most engaging type of content. Look around on most business-related pages; you’ll see streams of stock images rather than the current and original ones.  Instead of using generic photos, pick up your phones or cameras to take some real pictures.

Your audience will appreciate it especially when they see your faces happy about what you are doing in serving them.

  1.   Don’t stop making adjustments and strategies.

Social Media platforms changes as time goes by. Facebook, to be specific, changes depending on the demands of its users.

Don’t stick on your current status; you must know the demands and trends of people. You must have strategies on facing the current status quo.

There are billions of Facebook users a day; it will give you plenty of opportunities and ideas on how to deal with consumers.

Facebook has been considered as the number one social media site in the world since it has the most number of users and active users. Don’t forget to advertise your ads on this platform. Don’t hesitate to try new things to improve your business.

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